49sLunchtime.com is a leading online resource for information, statistics, analysis and commentary about the UK 49s Lunchtime. Our mission is to make the lunchtime lottery more accessible, understandable and engaging for both existing and new players.


The 49s lottery has a long and rich history originating from betting shops in the UK. The ’49s’ name comes from the total number of balls in the draw machine. Out of 49 numbered balls, 6 main numbers and a Booster number are randomly drawn twice daily – at lunchtime (12:49pm) and teatime (5:49pm).

The 49s lunchtime lottery has been running continuously since 1997. Over decades, it has gained widespread popularity for offering decent odds of winning and instant cash payouts twice in a day.

49sLunchtime.com was founded in 2010 by a team of lottery enthusiasts who wanted to make this traditional lunchtime lottery more transparent and convenient to play in the internet age. For over a decade, our website has served as a trusted online resource for everything related to the 49s lunchtime lottery.

What We Do

As an independent third party outlet not affiliated with 49’s LTD or any official lottery operators, 49sLunchtime.com focuses on in-depth coverage of the lunchtime lottery in the following ways:

Lottery Number Analysis

We provide historical results and statistics about all main numbers and booster numbers drawn in 49s Lunchtime since 1997. Players can analyze trends, frequencies, patterns and averages related to individual numbers, pairs, triplets, half-sets etc.

Predictions & Hot/Cold Numbers

Based on past draw data, we analyze fluctuating hot and cold numbers and release daily lunchtime lottery predictions of numbers most likely to appear in upcoming draws.

Latest Results

We publish the winning 6 main numbers and booster instantly after the 12:49pm (UK Time) and 14:49pm (South Africa Time) UK lunchtime draws daily. You can subscribe our website to get daily result.

Our Values

  • Trust – We are committed to serving users with integrity through accurate daily result, ethical practices and transparency. 49s players can rely on us.
  • Innovation – Combining data science and human expertise, we constantly strive to uncover new and valuable lunchtime lottery insights for users.
  • Engagement – Our interactive features like comments and social sharing aim to make lunchtime lottery participation more collaborative.
  • Accessibility – We invest in making in-depth lottery information and predictions available for free for both casual and serious players.
  • Responsibility – As an information provider, we encourage responsible play and never exaggerate winning odds or projections.

Our Team

49sLunchtime.com is operated by KLARENTS MEDIA LTD, a registered UK limited liability company. Our diverse team includes:

Fletchers Kungade – Content Manager

Fletchers leads the editorial team responsible for authoring lottery strategy guides, number analysis articles, daily predictions, result commentary, and all other informative content on the website and mobile apps. He is passionate about creating engaging and useful content on all aspects of the lunchtime lottery for our readers.

Outside of work, Fletchers is an avid reader and self-proclaimed “film buff” who enjoys critiquing cinema. He also loves outdoor adventures and is always planning new hiking trips near and far. Fletchers brings his passion for learning, critical thinking skills, and high standards to his role as Content Manager.

Lewis – General Manager

Lewis manages the team at 49sLunchtime.com and makes sure daily operations run smoothly. He oversees the editors who create content about lottery results, number predictions, and strategies. Lewis also coordinates with the developers to maintain the website and ensure technical aspects are working properly.

Part of Lewis’ job is keeping track of all the lunchtime lottery data like historical results, number frequencies, hot and cold numbers. He reviews the algorithms and analysis done by the research team to generate number predictions and insights.

Lewis is responsible for monitoring website traffic, app usage metrics, and user engagement. He identifies opportunities to improve the platform and enhance services for players.

Fact Checking & Editorial Standards

We take accuracy and transparency very seriously when publishing 49s lottery result and predictions. Our processes include:

  • Rigorous fact checking – All data points and stats are corroborated against official results released by Lunchtime UK49s lottery.
  • Citing data sources – Any historical results or third party data used is credited to source and published in aggregate, public non-identifiable form.
  • Expert review – Our mathematical predictions and lottery articles are reviewed by editors for methodology, relevance and clarity before publishing.
  • Periodic auditing – We regularly audit old predictions against actual draw outcomes to improve forecasting algorithms.
  • Corrections policy – Any errors identified post-publication are corrected and transparently acknowledged via editor’s notes.

Our fact checking procedures aim to uphold high editorial standards and serve users with authentic information. However, as disclaimed, we do not guarantee complete accuracy. Players are advised to do their own additional research before participating in any lottery or relying exclusively on our data.

Legal Compliance

49sLunchtime.com is an independent entity not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored or approved by Camelot UK Lotteries Limited or any other official lottery operators. We derive our information from publicly available draw results. Our services are informational and we do not sell any lottery tickets or enable online lottery play.

Users must be over 18 years of age to play UK 49s lotto. We do not target promotions or advertisements towards vulnerable groups like minors, compulsive gamblers etc. Our practices are compliant with UK lottery laws, advertising codes and responsible gambling initiatives.

49sLunchtime.com is owned and operated by KLARENTS MEDIA LTD, a company registered in United Kingdom. Our registered office address is Second Floor, Chapel House, 18 Hatton Place, London, EC1N 8RU.